Announcing the Nomad Air Travel Bag!

Announcing the Nomad Air Travel Bag!

The Nomad Air Travel Bag includes a "one week" back up battery, unlimited WiFi Internet, and a fast charging solar panel!

Introducing the Nomad Air outdoorsman kit with a 7-day battery back up! Now you can use your Nomad Air anywhere and without power and go completely off-grid!

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The Nomad Air Kit features a built-in solar panel for charging your Nomad Air backup battery with sunlight. Solar charging also lets you stay connected to high speed Internet in the wilderness for as long as you want!

  • Great for everyone who loves the mountains and wilderness, for researchers and more.
  • Feet and trucking tracking with the Nomad Air built-in GPS

Easily control your Nomad Air with a simple on and off switch that you can see from anywhere.

The Nomad Air works with the Nomad Internet Mobile App anywhere in the country!

Best of all, you can make them yourself (we will show you how) or, we will sell them ‚Äúpre-built‚ÄĚ on our website!

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