A Day Without the Internet

A Day Without the Internet

The Internet is an integral part of our lives. No doubt. But what if you woke up to find that you are offline the entire day? This not a far-fetched idea. Unlike in the movies where aliens from another planet invade Earth and disrupt our systems, there are many factors that can make you go a whole day without Internet service. For instance, if you are late on your payments and the bank delays in processing your money, the ISP may fail to renew your subscription. Also, an issue with the ISP equipment can cause this situation, among others.

What would you do when you have to go a whole day without Internet? Here are a couple of tips to remain productive offline.

Tip 1: Read offline articles

Most of the articles we read usually are online and require an Internet connection. However, that does not mean this is the only way to access the articles. You can read offline as long as you prepare ahead of time.

Since the Internet is vast, you must have stumbled upon countless articles in your hunt for information. In most cases, you may have liked the topics but did not get to read the article as you were focused on other matters. You can save these articles and catch up on them later.

Pocket is a popular app for saving videos, articles, and images for easy reading in your free time. You can open the saved resources with an Internet connection. As you read your favorite blogs, always throw a couple of articles into Pocket for that time when you have no connection.

Tip 2: Get creative and write

Whether a skilled writer or an amateur, you can never lack something to write. As you calmly wait for the restoration of your Internet connection, launch your Word Processor app and start creating blog post topics. Since you are offline, you do not have the ability to perform keyword research. That is something you can do later on.

For those who are into e-commerce, you can visualize the questions typically asked by buyers and coin blog posts around these. You can also reflect on conversations and arguments you had with your best friend for more creative topics.

Writing has a way of freeing up the mind to face its innermost secrets and fears. You do not necessarily need a place to publish these. Just speak out your mind by typing, then read your work to understand your life better.

Tip 3: Social offline

The Internet and social media can create a false perception of what socializing entails if you are not careful. Without an Internet connection, there is no way you are going to send those WhatsApp messages or share Facebook memes. This is the perfect time to meet your friends and other humans physically.

If you are at work and the Internet goes out, you may be unable to do most tasks, especially for a digital workplace. A good boss will understand if you go over to your colleagues’ workstation and get to know each other better. Such social connections at the office are known to increase one’s productivity.

Tip 4: Relax!

Instead of feeling as if the lost Internet connection has disconnected you from the rest of the world, take a break and relax. Some people may think the break is a waste of time now, but it helps calm the body for better concentration when the Internet is restored.

Stroll through your garden or head to the nearby coffee shop. Just do anything that is not related to work, and you will be glad that you did.

Tip 5: Listen to your playlist

How many times have you always wanted to listen to your favorite offline playlist but never had the time for it? With the Internet gone and unable to complete pending tasks or surf the web, this is the best time to have a look at the playlist.

Even if you are fond of playing music online, always ensure you have a set of songs that can play offline. Music apps like iTunes let you download music that can be played offline.


Do not become extremely addicted to the Internet that you turn into a zombie. As much as the Internet fosters connectivity, ensure that you still can live a productive life offline. Make it a habit to prepare in advance for a time when your Internet goes.

  • PA

    The article concludes by emphasizing the significance of moderation in our lives and the potential harm of indulging excessively in even good things. The author shares a heartwarming experience of visiting friends in Israel and their tradition of spending Saturdays with family, without any internet or work distractions. This practice has left a profound impact on the author, who now spends a day without the internet every week to cherish quality time with loved ones. The article’s message is powerful and serves as a reminder to prioritize important aspects of life and seek balance in all spheres of our lives.

  • MI

    I like it so much that you also touch on psychology in your topics. This is very necessary for a society that is crazily dependent on the Internet. The advice to write your thoughts on paper to better understand your life is what many people need! When I don’t have the Internet, I sort out the accumulated notes and drawings on various scraps of paper and I like how such systematization positively affects my thoughts.

  • HA
    Hasan Guller

    I noticed that young people react very painfully to the lack of Internet and don’t know where to put themselves at this time. And I’m an absolutely happy person from the last generation and I’m happy to just spend time with my wife, son and dog in the backyard, making barbecue, even if there is no Internet all day. I advise everyone to try it!

  • AL

    I suddenly wondered, really, when was the last time I listened to music from my playlist? I won’t even be able to remember, because it was a long time ago, although I really love the time when there is only me and music. But when there is Internet, it’s like I have to work and I don’t give myself the right to rest. And when there is no Internet, it’s kind of like a good reason to just turn on your playlist and relax.

  • SA
    Sarah J

    And why haven’t I downloaded the Pocket app yet? I need to fix this urgently, because I usually have a bunch of things that I would like to study, but I don’t find time for it. And indeed I can use the time when there is no Internet, just for this. Thanks for the advice, Nomad!

  • HA

    My parents always tell me something like that, that I should relax and all that, but I can’t imagine how it can be done. My emotions go out of order along with the internet and stabilize too along with the restored signal, lol. And when I have something successfully loading, then this is the perfect time to relax!

  • AL
    Alexandra Yakovleva

    This article has an excellent conclusion! I totally agree. Even something very good can bring harm into our lives if there is a lot of it. In total, it is necessary to be in moderation in order to be a full-fledged person. Once I was visiting my friends in Israel and they have a wonderful tradition. Every Saturday, all people turn off the Internet, forget about work problems and spend the whole day with their family, cooking a big dinner for all their loved ones. Public transport does not even run and entertainment venues do not work. I just fell in love with such respect for family values. And despite my great love for the benefits of the Internet, once a week, I spend a day without it with my family, enjoying every living moment.

  • AN
    Ana Rys

    I loved this article! It’s very well-written and touches upon a paramount topic of people’s addiction to the internet. The last line about turning into zombie is hitting the nail straight on its head! I find the tip about socializing offline most useful. Indeed, nowadays people rarely communicate face to face, preferring messenger services and social networks.

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