Thanks so much for reaching out to us here at Nomad Internet!

We are so excited that you are considering joining our growing community. Nomad Internet was started with a simple mission: to make getting connected to high-speed, reliable, wireless internet an option for everyone!

We received your request for information on the optimal plan for you, and we recommend our Works Anywhere Plan.

Nomad’s Works Anywhere Plan provides a service that works for you, no matter where you are. By providing the advantages of all major providers with a single plan, there’s no hassle or guessing - just the right service plan for you.

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Once you place your order, we will program your customized High-Speed Wireless Modem for your specific location. Then, we will ship you your new device with FedEx Express Shipping, directly to your home! Once you receive your modem, all you have to do is plug it in and your internet is ready to go. That’s it!


The Works Anywhere Plan has a One-Time Membership Fee of $228 that is paid for at the time of checkout.

The Works Anywhere Plan also has a monthly service fee of starting at $129/month that pays for the service to your router, which is charged every 30 days. Your first monthly service fee is not collected until your order is delivered to you, so we can ensure you have the item in hand and get to use your full 30 days of service!

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As always, every membership includes a money-back guarantee, which begins on the date you receive the modem to test out the device and service at no risk. If the device or service does not meet your expectations and you would like a full refund, email our team to request assistance with the cancellation and we will even provide a free label to help!

While we hope we’ve answered your questions, please let us know if you have any additional ones by emailing us at:

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