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Act Fast: Nomad Raptor at $25/Month‚ÄĒLimited Time!

All-in-one Premium Wireless Internet Hotspot Modem

Setup in seconds and can be used anywhere in the USA!

50% OFF Today

All-in-one Premium Wireless Internet Hotspot Modem

Setup in seconds and can be used anywhere in the USA!

50% OFF Today

Which Modem is right for you?

Nomad Omen Wireless Modem

  • Made for Home Use

  • Compatible with Standard Power Outlet

  • Built-in Advance Network Security

  • Connects up to 30 Devices


Nomad Air Wireless Modem

  • Made for Traveling

  • Compatible with External Battery & Standard Power Outlet

  • Built-in Advance Network Security

  • Connects up to 30 Devices


Nomad Raptor Wireless Modem

  • Made for Business & Gaming

  • Compatible with Standard Power Outlet

  • Built-in Advance Network Security

  • Connects up to 128 Devices

Unlock Huge Benefits with Our Small Account Set-up Fee

  • Enhanced Support: Enables quick, expert assistance during the activation process.
  • Immediate Service: Faster activation, ensuring you're online in no time.
  • Infrastructure Costs: Contributes to maintaining a high-quality, reliable network.
  • Security Measures: Supports secure, fraud-preventive activation methods.

Control Your Connection!

After checking out, look out for a link sent to your text and email that lets you choose your monthly plan. Once you've made your selection and paid for the first month, we'll ship your Nomad modem directly to you. There’s no rush for activation; we start your service only when you’re ready. If you have any questions during setup, our technical support team is ready to help you every step of the way.

Complete Your Order Now!

One Simple Upfront Fee for a Lifetime of Savings!

  • Pay Once, Save Forever: A small one-time fee covers your modem rental for as long as you want service. Say goodbye to those annoying monthly rental fees that other companies charge
  • All-Inclusive: This single payment takes care of everything ‚ÄĒsetup, admin, and unlimited tech support. You're not just renting a modem; you're investing in hassle-free rural Internet service.
  • Easy Exit: Ready to move on? Simply send back the modem, no strings attached

Which internet plan is right for you?

Nomad Unlimited Plan

  • High-speed download up to 100Mbps

  • 1080p HD video streaming

  • Good gaming latency

  • No contract, no credit check

  • Unlimited & unthrottled


Nomad Unlimited Ultra Plan

  • High-speed download up to 200Mbps

  • Ultra HD 4k video streaming

  • Excellent gaming latency

  • No contract, no credit check

  • Unlimited & unthrottled

Nomad FlexPay & Equipment Protection

Modem Replacement & Insurance

Nomad's Free Modem Replacement & Protection covers accidental and warranty malfunctions, including electrical and antenna damage. Enjoy unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection with a $0 deductible

3 Year Price Guarantee

Secure your monthly rate plan price for 24 months, shielding you from inflation and rising internet costs. Enjoy inflation-free internet stability!

24/7 Phone Priority Support

Enjoy one-on-one phone and remote support with Nomad's 24/7 Priority Support. Customers receive first response within 4 hours, priority issue resolution, and development planning priority.

Which Payment Option is Right For You?

Flex Pay - Tailored Monthly Rental Plans

  • Extended convenience for uncertain service duration.

  • Flexibility in payments.

  • High-speed connectivity without a large upfront payment.

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One-Payment: No Monthly Modem Rental Fees

  • Small one-time fee for modem rental.

  • Coverage for the duration of your service.

  • Convenient access for the entire service period.

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Congratulations, Nomad Internet is Available in Your Area.

Great news! You can now select the modem that best suits your needs. Feel free to customize your order before proceeding to checkout.

Step 1: Choose Modem

Free and same-day shipping

Check coverage

Compare modems

nomad omen

Nomad Omen

For Home Use $15/mo. or $15/mo. or
$99.95 $199.95

$99.95 $199.95


Nomad Air

For Home & Travel Use $20/mo. or

$249.95 $499.95


Nomad Raptor

For Gaming & Business $25/mo. or

$299.95 $599.95

Step 2: Modem Payment Options

Find your perfect fit - we have a package for every need and budget.

Flex Pay - Tailored Monthly Rental Plans

$15/mo. $30/mo

Refundable Modem Deposit: $99.95
Internet on your terms! Nomad Flex Pay makes modem renting easy and flexible - perfect for when you're not sure how long you'll need it. real-id
One-Payment: No Monthly Modem Rental Fees

$199.95 $399.95

Save forever with a small one-time fee covers your modem rental for as long as you want service.

Need help choosing a payment option?

Want to own your own modem?

Step 3: Preview Internet Service Plans

Preview our monthly internet plans now and choose your plan at your convenience!

No Contract, No Credit Check

Nomad Unlimited Plan
$99.95/Mo $129.95

(billed on activation)

Download up to 100mbps, 1080 HD video streaming, good gaming latency


Nomad Unlimited Ultra Plan
$149.95/Mo $179.95

(billed on activation)

Download up to 200mbps, 4K HD video streaming, Excellent gaming latency

Need help choosing a plan?

Shop with confidence

No Contracts

24/7 Support

7-Day Money Back

Reviews from Verified Users

Reviews from Verified Users

Roy Buzzelli

I have had nomad internet for a few months now. After a couple of minor bumps in the beginning that were taken care of quickly I'm very happy with their service. We have 2 tvs, computer, 2 tablets and 2 cell phones. We can use multiple devices at the same time with no problem. Prior to getting Nomad internet I spent lots of $$$ and didn't slove my problem. For people that are traveling rvers Nomad Air with Nomad travel plan is a good alternative to other plans.

Derrick Ray

I just got it set up a couple of days ago and so far I am ecstatic about the service. Moved out in to the east mountains of NM (east of Albuquerque) a bit ago and have been through several different services. Most of them gave mediocre at best speeds and were wildly inconsistent and required resetting the device at least daily but often multiple times a day. So far with Nomad I have excellent speed and am not constantly rebooting.

Karen Adams

I have Nomad and love it, tried Hughes, Verizon MiFi, Synergy, Solis, Skyroam, attempted Starlink (big $$$ and can't have trees, not mobile) Nomad is the only one that allows me to stream, connect multiple devices; I have the travel plan so we can take it Rv'ing. Try it you have nothing to lose - no contracts, no data limits ... They now have different management, 24/7 call service, online chat w/repair, and more advanced equipment.

Lisa Duchac-Helland

just did a speed test. Download is 155 mbps and upload is 19.1 mbps.maps. We need to have internet for work and Nomad has been amazing for work, streaming TV, gaming and our alexa. We have used it in several states with no issues. Extremely happy with the service and that there is no set up or take down on travel days and we don't have to worry about any obstructions.

Rick Pack

I just got mine, less then a week. I had some issues getting it connected, but once I got it, it has been awesome, again I have not had it too long and I hope it continues to work this good all the time because so far it amazing and I have not been able to find anything that works in my area. I'll keep you all posted

James Hilmers

I just got it.....So far it works great. Wish I had found Nomad sooner. There are no cable options where I live, only satellite, which is too costly for me and it's limited. What they offered me for a month would only last 20 to 25 days.

Jennilyn Silas

Had ours for about a week. We live out in the Sticks. We've never found a good affordable internet service till now. We love our Nomad Internet.

Stephan Brennan

I'm in. A pit and if you got Any kind of cell signal this is the one to go for. I like I said I'm in a pit and less then a quarter mi away from me. And they say they have nothing in my area. I contacted nomad. Thank the big guy I can now watch a complete movie through net flicks without buffering..... - eg: and I e got two neighbors connected ... Without buffering.... Knock on wood but my opinion is its GREAT NO PROBLEM AT ALL... TECH SUPPORT REAL GOOD. THANK YOU NOMAD...

Justin Silas

Best internet I've found out here in bfe. No throttling and I'm gaming and streaming with no problems. Large game updates that are like 165 gigs may take a day. Besides that I'm loving. I was about ready to move because of the lack of internet. I'm good now

Chad Covey

Have had this for roughly 10 days now in upstate NY where home WiFi isn't available and it's been great. Kids can stream and game, I can game, all is well. Thank you Nomad

Holly Hubenthal

Absolutely love nomad internet. We have been with them for almost 2 years now no complaint. Our family uses a ton of Internet never have an issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are our most frequently asked questions

What is Nomad Internet?

Experience High-Speed Wireless Internet with Nomad

  • Leading Provider:¬†America's Largest Wireless Internet Service.
  • Rural Connectivity:¬†Specializing in High-Speed Internet for Rural Communities.
  • Traveler-Friendly:¬†Seamless Internet Access for On-the-Road Travelers.
  • Low Start-Up Costs:¬†Affordable Access to Quality Internet Service.
  • Rapid Connection Speeds:¬†Experience Fast and Reliable Internet Anywhere.
How does Nomad Internet work?

Revolutionize Your Internet Connection

  • Wireless Connectivity:¬†Direct to your home, business, or on-the-go
  • Advanced Technology:¬†Utilizing the latest innovations for optimal speed.
  • Nationwide Network:¬†Access high-speed internet even in rural areas other providers cannot reach.
  • Tailored Plans:¬†Variety of options to suit every unique need.
  • Stay Connected Everywhere:¬†Reliable service for both stationery and nomadic lifestyles.
How does Nomad Internet compare to Starlink Roam?

Nomad Internet and Starlink Roam both provide internet access while on the road, but with distinct differences in pricing and hardware requirements. Nomad Internet offers this service with a minimal monthly fee ranging from $15-$25, in addition to the cost for the chosen internet speed plan. In contrast, Starlink Roam requires a larger initial investment, including a $2,500 dish and a $599 one-time fee for the standard Starlink dish. This makes Nomad Internet a more budget-friendly and flexible option for users needing internet access while traveling, compared to the substantial upfront cost of Starlink Roam.

Is Nomad Internet as Good as Satellite-Based Internet?

Advantages of Nomad Internet Over Traditional Satellite Services

  • Enhanced Mobility:¬†Nomad offers seamless connectivity for on-the-go lifestyles, unlike stationary satellite dishes.
  • Faster Speeds:¬†Experience higher speed internet with Nomad, often surpassing satellite internet's capabilities.
  • Lower Latency:¬†Benefit from reduced lag and more responsive internet, a significant advantage over satellite connections.
  • No Cumbersome Dish:¬†Avoid the need for a large, stationary satellite dish with Nomad's more compact and mobile setup.
  • Wider Coverage:¬†Nomad provides consistent internet access in areas where satellite signals may be obstructed or unreliable.
  • Cost-Effective:¬†Nomad often presents a more budget-friendly option, especially considering the high setup costs of satellite dishes.
High-Speed Internet with Nomad's Small Antennas vs. Large Dish Services

Understanding Nomad's High-Speed Internet Technology

  • Advanced Modem Technology:¬†Nomad utilizes cutting-edge modems with powerful, compact antennas, optimized for high-speed data transmission.
  • Efficient Signal Processing:¬†Our modems are designed to efficiently process signals, ensuring fast internet speeds even with smaller antennas.
  • Strategic Network Use:¬†We leverage existing cellular networks, which allows for high-speed internet without the need for large satellite dishes.
  • Size vs. Performance:¬†Comparable to the evolution from bulky 90s mobile phones to today's sleek smartphones, Nomad's innovative design maximizes performance in a compact form.
  • Versatility and Mobility:¬†Unlike large dishes, our small antennas offer greater flexibility and mobility, suitable for both stationery and on-the-go use.
  • Broadband Technologies:¬†We incorporate the latest in broadband technologies, making the most of available cellular networks for faster and more reliable internet.
What are the Contract Requirements for Nomad Internet?

No Contractual Obligations: Nomad Internet provides services without binding agreements, offering complete flexibility.

  • Flexible Subscription Plans:¬†Choose a plan that aligns with your needs, with the liberty to modify, pause or cancel anytime.
Is Nomad Internet Secure?

Yes, Nomad Internet prioritizes security for its users.

  • Advanced Security Features:¬†Nomad Internet offers multiple layers of encryption, enhanced Wi-Fi security, firewall filtering, built-in VPN support, and IT admin controls.
  • Peace of Mind:¬†Enjoy strong security measures at every level of usage with Nomad Internet.
Can I Use Nomad Internet for Gaming and Streaming Across Multiple Devices?

Yes: Nomad Internet is well-equipped for both gaming and streaming needs, even in remote locations.

  • Fast and Reliable Connectivity:¬†Nomad Internet ensures fast internet speeds with low ping rates and latency, ideal for gaming and streaming.
  • Multi-Device Support:¬†Whether gaming solo or streaming content across multiple devices simultaneously, Nomad Internet offers robust performance for all your entertainment needs.
Can I Use Nomad Internet for RVing, Off-Trail Hiking, and More?

Yes: Nomad Internet users can bring the same high-speed, low-latency service they have at home to any location covered by Nomad Internet.

  • Flexible Connectivity on the Go:¬†Nomad Internet for RVers and travelers offers the convenience of pausing and un-pausing service based on individual travel needs.
  • Ideal for Remote Adventures:¬†Whether RVing, off-trail hiking, or exploring remote locations, Nomad Internet ensures reliable connectivity for work or leisure activities on the move.