Rural Internet Solution Unlimited and Unthrottled! Nomad Internet + Yagi Antennas

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Are you searching for a fast, unlimited, unthrottled, and reliable internet solution for rural areas or mobile while traveling? Get started today with the options below:


▶️Nomad Internet (Verizon Red Plan) ➔ (USE PROMO CODE ✅burnstech25✅ for a DISCOUNT) 

▶️Wilson Yagi Antennas (2 of these) ➔ 

▶️Proxicast Low-Loss Coax Extension Cable (2 of these) ➔ 

▶️Wilson Electronics Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable (2 of these) ➔ 

▶️Wilson Electronics Connector N-Female to N-Female (2 of these) ➔ 

▶️Weather Seal Strips ➔ 


To give you some context, I live in a rural area on a 40-acre farm where my internet options consist of Windstream or Hughesnet. I was paying over $100 a month for Windstream and was only able to get a max of around 4-6 Mbps download and about 600 kilobytes per second upload. With my new rural internet solution, I'm averaging 10-15 Mbps download and approximately 10 Mbps upload. It's been an absolute game-changer for me, which allows me to work from home full-time, stream, game, and have reliable internet. 


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