How Can I Get High-Speed Internet on the Road and Stay Connected?

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Feeling frustrated by a slow and unreliable Internet when on the road? There are many others in the same situation as you. It is a common occurrence when traveling to struggle with endless slow loading pages as you stare at a blank screen. 

That ought not to be the case. There are a couple of options you can consider to keep you connected with the rest of the world while on the road. Some of these options help speed up your current connection, while others help you make the most of your limited bandwidth. Keep reading to learn more.

Carry along a portable Wi-Fi router

Suppose you want to get a better Internet experience while on the road, you will definitely need to invest in a portable Wi-Fi router. These are built with better antennas and powerful transmitters. They pick stronger signals from nearby cellular towers to supply you with the desired Internet connection. Your laptop or any other devices will not have a hard time picking these signals considering that they are stronger.

A portable Wi-Fi router is advantageous in the essence that it allows you to connect to networks that your smartphone may not detect. Just be sure to make necessary charging plans by carrying along with its charger.

External wireless card

An external wireless card works in a similar manner as a portable Wi-Fi router, except that these are plugged into your laptop. Simply fit the relevant SIM card in the wireless card then have it connected to the laptop. The best approach is to choose a wireless card that supports most carriers.

Unlike the portable Wi-Fi router, the wireless card does not need any charging. However, it is meant to be used only on one laptop at a time. If you are tech-savvy and on Windows 10, you may create a hotspot to share this Internet connection from your laptop. Simply look for the mobile hotspot feature within the Network and Internet settings.

Combine several networks

There are technologies that allow you to merge multiple Internet connections into one. Such technologies let you join Wi-Fi, wired, and cellular connections and us their bandwidth simultaneously. If you were to use a wireless card, you might even have the opportunity to connect to two Wi-Fi networks.

If you happen to have an LTE connection with an unlimited data plan, this can greatly speed up your Internet. In the event the first connection goes down, the other one automatically picks up.

Switch off background apps

This tip is for those with limited data plans but still need to browse for a long time on the go. Switching off background apps keeps your data usage at bay. As opposed to apps using the data to perform updates and other operations, you will only consume the data as you surf or watch those funny clips.

Notorious background apps to watch out for include iCloud, Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox, among others. When unrestricted, these apps can quickly surpass your limited bandwidth, leaving you with no way to browse, read emails, or chat with friends.


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